Communication and liquidity for private companies


Companies easily upload corporate information, privately and securely control the access to it by their investors, shareholders, brokers and others stakeholders.


Managers receive this information automatically, and can generate graphs, reports, and analytical tools, allowing them to easily evaluate their investment portfolio.


Investors and LPs receive documents and information from these managers and companies, through reports or the corporate website, with simplicity, practicality, and convenience.

There is an optional tool to easily and safely identify liquidity opportunities, respecting private contracts and shareholders’ agreements.








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Before Private Investments Network

  • Laborious management of corporate information and documents
  • A lot of time dedicated to tasks outside of the core business of the company
  • Difficulty in facilitating communication and transparency with shareholders and stakeholders
  • Complexity in making available company information due to processes requiring elaborate historical and organized data
  • Few opportunities to innovate in management and to adapt to digital technologies

After Private Investments Network

  • Centralized management of corporate information and portfolio holdings with an extended and automated view
  • Increased productivity, saving time and costs, through automated processes
  • A transparent, updated, and segmented stakeholder communication profile
  • Centralized information with historical data, facilitating risk analysis, due diligence, and auditing processes
  • An innovative solution for effective information management

For Companies

What can one do as a company?

  • Automate communication with current and potential investors, saving time and costs, through a private and secure environment
  • Manage and give controlled access to corporate data
  • Manage meetings with current and potential investors whilst monitoring tasks, thus increasing one’s Smart Capital
  • Have controlled visibility in a platform accessed by many professional investors, facilitating the entry of new investors
  • Optimize the management of capital

For investors

What can one do as an investor?

  • Follow the evolution of the portfolio, centralizing the information in an organized and secure manner
  • Manage meetings of investees and monitor tasks
  • Analyze the market, comparing your investees with other companies within the industry
  • Create automated reports of investees
  • Perform automated graphics information of these investees
  • Inform LPs securely and centrally, through a corporate website

About Us

We are a group of entrepreneurs who have more than 15 years of experience creating and managing companies together.

The first of the companies that we founded and managed is dedicated to developing applications for market data management. Its customers include major banks and important international vendors, having initially received its capital through external Business Angels. From the very beginning, we aimed to facilitate transparency, allowing investors to feel informed about the developments of the company in order to be equally included.

However after spending a lot of time over the years trying to maintain that level of communication, we looked for an easier and more affordable solution. Finding nothing on the market, and knowing that many other unlisted companies shared this need, we decided to use our know-how acquired in the development of platforms for financial data management and created the Private Investments Network platform.

Now, Private Investments Network is already being used by other unlisted companies, as well as investors, as it facilitates a level of professionalization in the financing unlisted companies industry, improving transparency and communication between all stakeholders.


    A team with an average of more than 15 years of experience in the Fintech industry (finance and technology) at the forefront of different projects.


    Excellence is the way we work, thus we achieve all the goals that we set ourselves.


    We are first and foremost a services company and the satisfaction of our clients is our purpose.


    We rely on an agile methodology that allows us to adapt to any client requests, whist delivering solutions in phases to adapt the time to market to the customer’s needs.


Seal of approval from “Finance Innovation”, the International Finance Competitiveness Cluster that recognizes projects at the European level that are innovative, credible, and hold high potential.

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Elisabeth Martinez Guardiola

It is an important tool which allows us to optimize time dedication to manage startups’ information. Thus, we are able to spend more time helping our startups to improve their chances of success.

Elisabeth Martinez GuardiolaCEO Conector Startup Accelerator (Barcelona)
José María Dutilh

The investor receives a lot of attention when making an investment, but then keeping track is limited, in many cases, formal meetings of the council or the board, and that is too little. It should be a more fluid, more interactive relationship, where the investor can contribute more and can keep track of the parameters that interest them closely. Just this is what is facilitated to you through a tool like Private Investments Network.

José María DutilhDirectorLequid Law Firm
Candelaria Arganaras

EuroBackOffice has had the privilege of witnessing Private Investments Network growth and work closely with them since its creation. From the beginning, we noticed that it was a pioneering and innovative project, with a clear objective to understand and improve communication and liquidity needs of its clients. We are really gratified with the service provided, and we truly believe that this is a prosperous relationship that will remain for a long time.

Candelaria ArganarasCOOEuro BackOffice
Macarena Poletti

When you invest into startups, it complicates te management of the portfolio. There are many small investments that need to be managed and Private Investments Network is a good tool that facilitates the communication between startups and other investors.

Macarena PolettiPortfolio Manager Bbooster

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